Grand Theft Auto 5 added to Xbox Game Pass

Grand Theft Auto 5 added to Xbox Game Pass

Grand Theft Auto 5, the 2013 title from Rockstar Games, has been added to Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass. Players with a Game Pass subscription can now access the game for free on Xbox One.

It might not seem like such a big deal for a seven-year old game — but despite its age, Grand Theft Auto 5 is still wildly popular. It remains one of the most-viewed games on livestreaming platform Twitch, and is regularly in the top five games played on Steam. Folks with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or Xbox Live Gold will have access to Grand Theft Auto Online, too — the online service that Rockstar Games continuously updates.

GTA Online’s latest free update dropped on Dec. 12 and added a new mission, The Diamond Casino Heist. The update added a bunch of other stuff to the game, too, like a retro arcade business that’s a staging ground for heists.

Grand Theft Auto is available now only for Xbox Game Pass subscribers with consoles. PC Game Pass players don’t have access to the title.


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